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Manager and Head Trainer

Isaac has an impressive undefeated professional boxing record and continues to pursue his professional career. Born in Orange County California, Isaac started boxing when he was seven years old. During his amateur career, Isaac won four Junior Golden Gloves Championships, three Senior Golden Gloves Championships, and sparred with Light Middleweight Champ Canelo Alvarez. He is available for both classes and personal training.


Manager and Trainer

Jacque competed for the University of Washington (UW) Boxing Club all four years of college, where she was a four-time National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) All-American, a three-time NCBA national and regional champion, and a Tacoma Golden Gloves champion. She continues to compete under Seattle Boxing Gym with her coach, Ricardo Acuna. She was a group fitness instructor at the University of Washington Intramural Activities Center and a boxing instructor at MKG Martial Arts, and continues to use her boxing skills and previous work experience to create classes and private training sessions focused on strength training, conditioning, and boxing technique. Jacque is a certified USA Boxing Coach. Jacque co-coaches our youth program every Saturday with Coach Emil and is available for private training. 



Born and raised in Mannheim, Germany, Shae started boxing at the age of 15 at the Boxing Club Waldhof. He amassed an impressive 10-2 amateur record. At the age of 20, he moved to the U.S. to pursue his dream and test his talent as a pro fighter. Shae turned pro in 2017, and has a record of 2-0-1. Shae has been a coach at Seattle Boxing Gym since early 2017. He teaches group classes and is available for private training. 

*Shae moved to California in August of 2019, but he continues to be a part of the Seattle Boxing Gym family as a fighter and visiting coach.



Alfonso “Poncho” Leal is a USA Boxing certified coach with over 12 years of experience training competitive pro and amateur fighters (primarily at Azteca Boxing Gym in Renton, WA). Alfonso has worked with 20 professional fighters and over 100 amateur and youth boxers in the greater Seattle area.  As a boxer, Alfonso had 30 amateur bouts from 2005 through 2011.  Alfonso was born in Sonora, Mexico and moved to the United States in 1999. He heads up the advanced classes and trains many of the competitive pro and amateur fighters at SBG.  He is available for private training.



Seattle native James Porter began his boxing career with Sea Mar Boxing Club in 2010 and joined the UW Boxing Club in 2015. He is a three-time National Collegiate Boxing Association All-American and a two time National Collegiate Champion for the 147lb weight division. James loves working with people. He believes each client is unique and structures his classes to meet their needs. He likes to keep the workouts intense, but not overwhelming. James loves motivating people to meet their own fitness goals. “Looking good is cool, but feeling good is better.” 



Emil was born and raised in Seattle. He is a homegrown product of Seattle Boxing Gym, going from member to coach. His coaching journey began when he started holding mitts during the training camp of Coach Tadeo's sixth professional fight - he learned the intricacies of working under and training a professional fighter. He now assists a number of professional and competitive amateur boxers as a certified USA Boxing Coach. Prior to joining Seattle Boxing Gym, Emil helped Coach Tadeo run private group boxing classes around Seattle. Emil works with boxers at all levels and is the co-coach of our youth classes. He is available for private training. 

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Coach Carla Wilcox is a former professional boxer, a Lifestretch Certified Instructor, and the original founder and owner of Seattle Boxing Gym. For over 20 years she has coached people from all walks of life (business leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and athletes) through the art and practice of boxing. Through her heart-centered philosophy she continues to guide people through their perceived limitations and on a journey to become the greatest version of themselves.



Zasha started boxing her freshman year of college for the University of Washington boxing team. In her first year of competition, she took second place in the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) national championships earning All-American status. In 2017 she won the NCBA championship in the 132lb weight class and earned her second All-American honors. She’s the captain of the UW boxing team which has won the women’s team national title three years running. Zasha is the first female boxer to receive the Ira Mitzner Collegiate Boxing Scholarship. She is in her senior year at UW where she is studying biophysics with a minor in mathematics. Her boxing philosophy is simple: “nothing is given, everything is earned.”



Adan competes at the national-intercollegiate level with the University of Washington Boxing Club. He loves the sport of boxing, believing it instills discipline and perseverance. His classes and private workouts aim to improve each individual’s area(s) of weakness. He fuses cardio and strength training with an eye toward how it all comes together in the ring: “You can look great hitting mitts, look great hitting the heavy bag, look great working the speed bag. Now let’s bring all of that into the ring.”


Coach Acuna is a pro and amateur boxing coach and manager. He helped pioneer the University of Washington Boxing Club and continues to be instrumental to the team today. As part of the UW coaching staff, he coached/trained/mentored the three-time NCBA National Champion women's team, the first Olympic trial contender/qualifier from the UW Boxing Club (Richard Vansiclen, runner-up), regional and state Golden Gloves champions, and he is the Golden Glove champion coach of the 2017-2018 season in the Northwest. He started in the sport of Tae Kwon Do at the age of nine in Guadalajara, Mexico. After achieving a black belt, he moved onto the sport of boxing, where he competed at the amateur and professional level.  



Richard began his boxing career with the University of Washington Boxing Club where he was the first UW fighter to become a Western Regional champion and All-American. In his three years of boxing at the UW he won: Three Western Regional titles; three All-American awards; a National Championship in 2015; and the 2015 & 2016 Golden Gloves championship at 178lbs. He is a 2015 graduate of UW in Nutrition. Richard qualified and competed in the Olympic team trials for Rio 2016. He turned professional in September 2016, and is now 5-0 with three knockouts. Richard challenges all levels of boxers and helps them achieve their boxing and fitness goals. Richard structures many of his classes around the footwork that is crucial for boxing: “From the ground up.

*Richard moved to California in December of 2018, but he continues to be a part of the Seattle Boxing Gym family as a fighter and visiting coach. 

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Kellsie began her boxing career in 2012 at the University of Washington. She fell in love with the sport, picked it up quickly, and never looked back. She is a National Collegiate Champion and All-American. She plans to continue her amateur and, ultimately, professional boxing career. Boxing completely changed her outlook on life. She loves to share her passion for the sport, helping people gain confidence through learning how to fight. Her skill-oriented classes fuse fitness with technique and will leave you feeling sore and accomplished.

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Jose started boxing at age 11 at the Azteca Boxing Gym in Renton, Washington. As an amateur, he went on a three year winning streak (2014-2016), which included winning the Ringside World Championship (2015) and the Washington State Golden Gloves championship in the 123lb weight class at age 16. Jose made his professional debut in 2018 and has amassed a 2-0 record to date.

*Jose is currently pursuing his professional career, but continues to have an on and off presence at Seattle Boxing Gym.