Our classes fuse cardio training with boxing techniques that can be taken at any level of skill and/or fitness. Each of our dedicated and experienced instructors bring their own unique training style, and our small class sizes offer individual attention to every member. All our trainers are available for private sessions. Please visit our MindBody account to check our schedule or contact us to reserve a private session.


Proper warm up and shadow boxing technique, proper stance and footwork training, pad and bag work, cardio and strength/circuit training, correct forward, backward, side-to-side and circular movements, accurate form and timing, simulated sparring, and boxing foundation development. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!


Faster progress and more individual attention with a customized approach to reaching your goals: Focus on boxing skills, strength/circuit training, or find the optimal combination of the two. Boxing-focused training stresses proper punching technique, footwork, punch combinations, counter punching, defensive drills, and more.


Access to all of our boxing, cardio, and training equipment, the ability to do your own thing, trainers for a round of mitt work,  sparring, and everything you need for boxing/lifting/cardio/plyometric workouts.


If you are training for a fight or just want to hit someone (even if you don’t want to get hit back), members interested in sparring can join intermittent sparring classes or organize private sessions with other members at similar skill and enthusiasm levels. If you are interested in controlled/instructional sparring, let us know or join our Sunday Sparring class.