Frequently asked questions


Is there a free trial period?

Your first class is free. In addition, we offer a discounted first-time one-hour private training session for anyone who is:  1.) Hesitant to jump into a class or; 2.) Has attended a class and wants to jump start their progress. The cost of your first one-hour private is $35.


Do I need to sign-up for my first class online?

You CAN sign up online using Mindbody. But you don’t NEED to. Newcomers are welcome to show up 15 minutes prior to any class: We will have you sign the new client information sheet/waiver, help you wrap your hands, and let you know what to expect.


Can I visit the gym and/or take a tour?

You are welcome to come to the gym anytime to see the facility, talk with the trainers, watch a class, etc. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have. Click here for our hours of operation.


What do I need to bring to a class or private training session?

All you need to bring to your first class/private is workout clothes and shoes. We provide hand wraps and gloves. We have filtered water and cups. We do recommend that members ultimately purchase their own hand wraps.


Do I need to have my own gloves and wraps?

No. You can borrow ours. We do recommend that people ultimately buy their own wraps and gloves. We sell them or can point you in the right direction.


Are the classes suitable for beginners?

All of the classes, with the exception of the “Advanced Classes” are open to beginners and first-time boxers. If we have a large class and/or additional staff on hand, we may pull new-comers aside at the start of the class to help them get up to speed with boxing fundamentals.  We have newcomers every day and are used to accommodating first-time boxers in our classes. Don’t be scared or intimidated: We pride ourselves on being a welcoming place for boxers of all skill and fitness levels.


Do you train kids?

Yes! We have two dedicated coaches who lead our youth program every Saturday from 10:15 AM-11:00 AM. Our youth program caters to kids ages 5-12, and we provide all the gear they will need! Click here or give us a call for more details.


Do I have to get hit?



Do you have sparring?

We have open sparring every Sunday at 12PM. All levels are welcome and the sparring is controlled by a coach. Feel free to come watch. 


Do I have to be a member to take private lessons?

You do not need a monthly membership to schedule a private training session. If you plan to use the gym on your own (i.e. in addition to the private sessions), we ask that you pay for an open gym membership or daily drop in fee.  


Do you have showers?

No. We wish we did.  

Is there a cancellation policy for private lessons?

We require you to cancel your private lesson 24 hours ahead of time before getting charged. You can early cancel your private lesson by telling us in person or emailing us at


Are there any gym rules I should know about?

We want the gym to be a safe and comfortable place for everyone. We have a Code of Conduct that you must comply by. In short, treat everyone with respect and enjoy your workout!

Can I/we use your gym for filming/photography/special events?

Possibly. Contact us at or 206-658-3114.